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There are two things going on with astrology, one outside and one inside. One material and the other non-material, like the invisible lines that connect the constellations. The planet Neptune is synchronized with the person’s horoscope in transcendental organic unison. This is Jung’s “meaningful synchronicity” as related to astrology. The cosmic features imprinted natal create a divine synergy between our own energies and planetary patterns. Like the theme of horcruxes explored in Harry Potter, cosmic attributes are celestially imparted within us and resonate to movement above. When Neptune’s movement activates one of these ‘horcruxes’, the responses are intrinsically orchestrated.

The universe vibrates and plays like a constant melody. The movement and the cosmic dance is a mechanism for measuring time. The ancient Mayans calculated time by synchronicity; and this associated with their acute cosmic observation and tenuate astrological revelation. At the moment of birth, our first breath inhales the features of the universe around us, and in the flash of crystallized incarnation impresses the planetary snapshot through our pores. It is this universal portrait we reflect throughout life, and the one that shapes our unique relationship with the sequence above. Synchronicity is the conscious emanation of this celestial binding.
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nobody safe


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After the Civil War, the man who owned this plantation was upset that his slaves were gonna walk away free. When they tried to leave, the old man snapped. Turned into a massacre. Hundreds of slaves - lynchings, burnings, 12 bodies hanging from that tree alone. They buried them in a common grave up on the hill. The fools believe that their souls never rested till Miss Cobbs, an old voodoo woman, bought the place. Legend is, she transferred the souls of the slaves into little dolls. Negro dolls. Word is, they remain in the house right to this day.

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