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Anonymous asked:

you tell crazy stories but has a woman ever tried to kill you ?






This one girl accused me of cheating for having female friends (which i wasnt fucking or flirting with but was just cool friends I dont wanna talk to a bunch of niggas all day i need a female perspective on things) she was screaming at me for 20 mins straight

i dont argue back cause im laid back im just like mhmmm mhmmm looking in my phone checking sports scores and on twitter … so at one point she says “was the pussy atleast good my nigga?” i was like “mmhmm that shit was nice and tight”  all of a sudden i heard silence i look up shes like


*this is the moment where i knew i fucked up*

just looks at me like that for like 20 seconds “im like bae im just playing.. im just playing…”  she runs to the kitchen… and starts going in the drawers “im like shawty u needa chill”   im like “im just playing”

she pulls something out all i see was the light beam reflect off it

i get a good look i see this in her hand

im in the couch like

she starts running towards me so i open the door step outside then shut the door from the outside and use all my body weight to hold onto the door knob, She used to run track in highschool so i think she gon catch me so im like nah im not even gon run and get stabbed in the spine

she pulling tryna open it lol im in a project type building on the 12th floor man I was standing there for 43 mins shorty aint have an ounce of quit in her. People walking by laughing hearing her screaming at me

some middle aged lady walked by she was like 50 she was like “mmmmhmmm she caught your ass didnt she”

im like “ma’am help my arms tired”

she was like ahaaa nope “call that bitch you was fucking for help”  and walked into her apt

then shorties mom came out the elevator i was like thank god.. she was like oh lord what u do.. i was like “nothingg ma’am she got a knife i swear i did nothing ” her mom was like “kita put the damn knife down im coming in if u stab me imma beat your ass” i feel the pressure get off the door and i make a run for it i see her try to come chase me but her mom blocks her Im sure i coulda beat usain bolt in a race the way i was running

she was really gon stab me, If her moms aint come i woulda still been standing there holding the door to this day



😫😂😂 is this real?! Omg!








Oh god. I missed this one. This is also from the protest in favor of Darren Wilson

Real life Uncle Ruckus. Grade A piece of shit.

he looks like a visible fart

niggas asked me why its so bad to get dunked on and this is why. this is who you become,

he look like he’ll suck the crust off a white woman named Tammy’s toes after she walked around six flags barefoot while he beats off. so, is it really a loss????

SMDH. Martin Baker

There’s always (at least) that one negro —eager to play the token and sell out other Black people in return for the White gaze they are so desperately thirsty for. Remember Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman’s “Black” friend

A lot of weak minded #newBlack celebs are playing precisely the same role, trying to beat other Black people over the head with meaningless platitudes like “we all bleed red, so peace & love y’all” when the epidemic of UNARMED Black people being gunned down aren’t the ones who need to be exhibiting those qualities

Here are two Martin Luther King Jr. quotes you won’t see Tyrese, Pharrell or Keke Palmer recite:

1. “We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.

2. “There are Negroes who will never fight for freedom. There are Negroes who will seek profit for themselves alone from the struggle. There are even some Negroes who will cooperate with their oppressors. These facts should distress no one. Every minority and every people has its share of opportunists, profiteers, free-loaders and escapists.


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32 Year Old Chicago Activist, Leonore Draper, Fatally Shot After Anti-Violence Event

A Chicago woman is shot and killed moments after attending an anti-violence event that she helped organize.

Police officers heard the gunshots around 10:30 Friday night in the 1300 block of West 116th in the West Pullman neighborhood.

A budget analyst for Chicago Public Schools and a freelance make-up artist, 32-year-old Leonore Draper was committed to fighting gun violence on Chicago’s city streets.

On the committee of an anti-violence non-profit called A Charitable Confection, Draper was coming home from a fundraiser Friday night when she was shot and killed while sitting in her car on Chicago’s Far South Side.

"She was sitting in the car dropping her husband off who is handicapped," said neighbor Andrew Loss. "Some little girl was taking the man into the house. Then when the little girl came back out the lady, she was dead."

Police are still investigating the circumstances, but say it was after 10:30 Friday when they heard gunshots near the 1300 block of West 116th Street. After touring the area they found Draper with a gunshot wound to her arm. She was rushed to the hospital, where she later died.

Delk Adams is Draper’s former college roommate and the organizer of Friday night’s fundraiser, which she says was raising money to support a teen run charity that fight’s violence on the city’s South Side.

Rest In Power #LeonoreDraper


Aquarius - The New Age Frequency 

As we move beyond the spiritual Age of Pisces into the secular Age of Aquarius, the world’s frequencies shift in gear and emit a new vibration to which human consciousness can experience and align with. As we enter the age of individualisation, technology and the 5th dimension of love and creativity, the children of the Water Bearer omit the frequencies of the New Age, and act as vessels which provide the new numinous and innovative information for progression. Such individuals born under Aquarius experience the ultimate gamut of the intuition and sorcery granted by the Aquarian Age, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, the art of mass influence tied with the electric psychic energies of their ruler, Uranus. Deliriums and hallucinations are considered pathology, but only from the realms of scientific reality. Aquarius symbolizes a sign where material is merged with meaning, and clairvoyance, telepathy and dreaming become guiding forces. This is especially aligning with the energies of the Aquarian Age.

The nerve endings of Aquarius are an electrically charged sixth sense insight into the words, needs and feelings of others. The Aquarian Age indicates the fulfilment of 5th Dimensional communities and the ascension to the 5th Dimension of love and creativity, and this is an intrinsic quality and flair in the Aquarius archetype. Like Aquarius, the corresponding Age is set to overturn known social convention and breathe fresh air into the mundane and outdated. Electric Aquarians will send shockwaves through the world’s holy water and arouse all sorts of spiritual friction, high voltage and drastic changes and possess a hypnotic influence over the collective mass consciousness. The sign of Aquarius is at home in this Age, and it is truly time for the Air intelligence to shine and realign the world with their progressive virtue, rampant intellectualisation and belief in unconditional equality. These individuals are already well informed and visionary when it comes to the themes and energies of the Aquarian Age; where the promotion of the free, the radical and the reformist will streak through all known societal structures. 

The Aquarian frequency is low, cool and refreshing; and this is much like the breath of fresh air orchestrated by the divine for our planet during this New Age. As Jesus waits in the home of Aquarius, the 11th House, the Water Bearer nourishes humanity with new insights, expansion and the promise of finding a peace that is truly individualised. The key themes around the Aquarian incarnation including self actualization and individualisation will be echoed as an intrinsic development of each and every soul, as the patriarchy of religion and government slips away from grip. Traditionally in Astrology, the sign of Aquarius is understood to associate with heavenly or esoteric energies, and was introduced in Atlantis alongside its neighbour sign, Pisces. Here the water of Aquarius is baptising the new world, sensing our connectedness and responsibility for, the future of humanity. Humanitarian issues like asylum seekers, poverty freedom of movement, speech, thought and association are all concerns to which the Aquarian and its Age intend to align with justice. Aquarians hold their memory of the starry vault of heaven and cosmos from which we emerge, and lure or souls to return to these worlds and return to play with the galaxies far away.












The prettiest elderly woman I’ve ever seen. Black really doesn’t crack

Oh my god I thought she was like 20

Yes legsss

Bruh she looks younger than me

melanin is real.

Can she be my sugar mama?

I’m bout to be somebody’s grandfather

Hol up. There is carpet in the train. Where is this? (Don’t come at me because I slightly changed the topic lol. I wanna know in my Joe voice).

She is stunning

How old?

lawd jesus.


That eventual Southern Californian once said Vietnam needed “five Hitlers to impose discipline.” In a world where even the most brutal dictators try to avoid comparison to Hitler, he wanted to be five Hitlers.

5 Ruthless Dictators Hiding in Plain Sight as Normal People

#5. The President of South Vietnam Ran a Liquor Store

As you no doubt learned in history class, [dictator Nguyen Cao] Ky wasn’t able to stop the Viet Cong from marching into his embattled country and kicking its ass, even with America’s help. Just before the fall of Saigon, he gave one final speech to the people to inform them that anyone who fled Vietnam was a coward. The next day, he fled Vietnam. Climbing aboard his helicopter, he escaped to an American warship, while presumably shouting, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

Ky and his wife ended up in California, where his lifestyle took a bit of a downgrade. He went from “exotic scarf-wearing multi-Hitler” to “Orange County liquor store manager.”

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Wait for it…


white women.

And that crowd…..


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